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About the Jungle School


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elping Honduras Kids opened the Jungle School doors in February 2007. The school currently has 200+ students in grades K-8th and is located on a steep jungle area near the lower Cangrejal River Watershed, called Herradura. There are 10 teachers and 8 classrooms. Some of the children attending this school walk one-two hours on slippery trails round trip every day just to have the opportunity to get an education and go to school. Others cross the river on their parent's shoulders. Most of these children live in remote, isolated areas and face poor economic conditions.  Their families rely mostly on agriculture crops and when the crops do poorly, most struggle to find food.

Jungle School

At the Helping Honduras Kids Jungle School, your donations provide the poorest students with uniforms and shoes, and all students with school supplies, school books, some backpacks, personal items, medical care, vitamins, toothbrushes & toothpaste, and a daily mid-morning oat or rice & milk drink and a hot nutritious lunch five days a week.  This mid-morning drink and lunch is often the only nutritious meal the children receive all day long.

We also provide basic medical care and checkups with the help of our volunteer nurse. She worms the kids every 3 months, provides cold and flu medicines and other topical meds as needed, in addition to fluoride treatments, vitamins, toothbrushes and toothpaste for all the children, and check-ups for the single and pregnant mothers. She also oversees the nutrition of the school lunches.

Weekly Bible devotions are held with the children to bring them up in the way of the Lord and to teach them basic morals such as to not steal, lie and cheat. We teach them that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and with Him there is hope in a seemingly hopeless world. Faith and a personal relationship with Jesus is the key!


 Most of these children would never have the opportunity to attend school if it was not for our Partners. Many mothers have told us they send their kids to the Jungle School because we can feed them when they can't, and we can provide the school supplies and text books and don't charge tuition.  This is a big cost when a family is barely surviving and often struggling to feed their children daily.

Our Jungle School needs sponsors so the kids can remain in school.  In many Honduran families, only some children in the family are given the privilege to attend school due to financial hardships. Be a Jungle School Angel today and sponsor a child's education for $39/monthly. You can also donate monthly or as a one-time gift directly to the Jungle School General Fund. Your financial help will allow us to continue doing the great work God called and entrusted us to do.  YOU are the Jungle School Angels!

VOLUNTEER with us at the Jungle School. Visit http://www.helpinghonduraskids.org/volunteering-with-hhk/volunteer-information for more information. 

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Helping Honduras Kids is a 501 c3 organization headquartered in the USA, and as such your donations may be tax deductible. You will immediately receive a receipt by email for tax purposes. Because we do not receive government funding, we rely totally on individuals to sponsor a child for $39 per month or make donations toward specific projects. Volunteers are also needed. Sponsorship is often a rewarding experience for both sponsor and child. The needy children in our care will enjoy sharing letters, pictures, and talking by Skype, it’s all up to you and what you would like. You do not need to speak Spanish as we can provide translation assistance. Please take a moment to review the photos and profiles and give the gift of hope by sponsoring one of these beautiful children. We have additional children in need of sponsorship in our Jungle School (very poor and often malnourished children), Grandma’s kids (poor children without parents), or those who have graduated from the Jungle School and now need money and encouragement to attend and complete high school. Thank you and God Bless, Dr. David Ashby, Founder, Helping Honduras Kids