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About Campesino Villages



La Bomba Campesino


he Campesino Village was forced off the land they had occupied for more than six years in October '07. Helping Honduras Kids and Amigos of Honduras partnered to purchase land and donate it to this village in need. Helping Honduras Kids has also donated fortified rice, tomato soup, folding metal beds, rolls of plastic and many truckloads of ripe bananas.

The Campesino village has made progress in the past year and has built small wood huts to live in. They have named their village Solares Nuevos and have formed a ‘patronato’ which they will use to self govern. HHK helped the village to dig a well and also helped to build a central structure that has a concrete floor and a roof that will be used as a common area for meals and child care.


Most of the kids in this village have never attended school, so the new children's Kinder school will give these children a place to learn basic skills. It is now complete.  HHK volunteers have also worked closely with the director of the local school to help register the kids for public school.  HHK has also provided uniforms and school supplies for the children of La Bomba. HHK believes that educational opportunities will help these children to overcome poverty.  Change the life of the La Bomba - Solares Nuevos children by clicking on the red Donate Now box to the right to help HHK to provide food and educational supplies to help the children of Solares Nuevos.


Bonitillo Village

We have another campesino group in Bonitillo with about 300 kids. We take them food, clothing, shoes and do light medical checkups.


Over half the population consists of hungry children. This fact compells us to help feed and care for these children, and we do all of this with no government assistance. We Partner with Feed My Starving Children to provide fortified rice packs full of vitamins and minerals and minerals to both Campesinos. Please consider sponsoring the La Bomba or Bonitillo Village for $100/month. 



Helping Honduras Kids is a 501 c3 organization headquartered in the USA, and as such your donations may be tax deductible. You will immediately receive a receipt by email for tax purposes. Because we do not receive government funding, we rely totally on individuals to sponsor a child for $39 per month or make donations toward specific projects. Volunteers are also needed. Sponsorship is often a rewarding experience for both sponsor and child. The needy children in our care will enjoy sharing letters, pictures, and talking by Skype, it’s all up to you and what you would like. You do not need to speak Spanish as we can provide translation assistance. Please take a moment to review the photos and profiles and give the gift of hope by sponsoring one of these beautiful children. We have additional children in need of sponsorship in our Jungle School (very poor and often malnourished children), Grandma’s kids (poor children without parents), or those who have graduated from the Jungle School and now need money and encouragement to attend and complete high school. Thank you and God Bless, Dr. David Ashby, Founder, Helping Honduras Kids