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Pressing Needs

We currently have several pressing needs for our Children's Home and Jungle School.

      1. Children's Home - Currently, we need to complete some much needed projects at the Children's Home, such as complete/repair electrical hookups & lighting, rewiring needed in some areas, fans for some rooms, toilet paper holders, towel racks, steel or wood shelving for indoor storage room and some rooms, laundry room sinks, clotheslines with posts, curtain rods for some rooms, plumbing help needed (many loose fixtures), etc. Please consider "sponsoring" one of these projects. Ask and we will provide costs.

      2. A new pickup truck.Our current pickup is over 20 years old and needs to be retired. With all the hauling we do of supplies to the Children's Home, Jungle School, and Villages, we really need a new truck to keep up with the demands. Please consider donating so we can purchase a new truck here in Honduras. The cost of a new truck will run $25,000+. Please inquire for more information.

      3. High School scholarships for 2021. We currently have several needy high school students. We have always believed that education is one of the main ways out of poverty. Please consider sponsoring a student. Most of the students listed on our webpage, https://www.helpinghonduraskids.org/sponsor-a-child/high-school-kids are very poor and live in very impoverished conditions. Each student needs uniforms, shoes, school supplies, funds for special projects, etc. Please consider sponsoring one or more for $39/month.

      4. Children's Home - A new generator to help us during the constant power outages. We have several refrigerators and freezers that need to keep running during these outages. Inquire for more information.

      5. Children's Home - Powdered milk for the Children's Home monthly, $200.00.

      6. New property adjacent to Hogar  - Gravel fill, new cement block fence, gate, serpentine wire are needed for the adjacent property. This will be used for planting vegetables & fruit trees; raising chickens, cows, pigs, etc for Children's Home. Please inquire.

      7. Children's Home - Support the caregivers and the cook at $400/each per month.

      8. Jungle School - Re-painting of much of the Jungle School, inside and out. Please inquire.

      9. Jungle School - specific notebooks for the Jungle School yearly for all the children- $1500. School supplies, back packs, etc - $2500/yearly

      10. Children's Home - kitchen cabinets at the Hogar. Currently there are no kitchen cabinets and this is urgently needed. $6000.

      11. Jungle School - 12 great teachers for the Jungle School -  $4800/month or $68,500/year. Please help us keep good teachers at the school. 
      12. Jungle School - bottles of children's vitamins to provide a vitamin daily for 10 months per year to each child. We give out 240 vitamins daily, 5 days a week.

      13. Children's Home - sack of frozen chickens for a month to feed children - $200/month

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