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Ways to Give

There are so many ways you can help the children of the Hogar de Amor or the Jungle School. Please take a look at some of the needs we have and help us help the kids! Please click on the Donate box to the left and donate today!

Jungle School needs


  • Children's Vitamins - urgent (we give out 240+ each day to the school kids)
  • A complete set of books, uniform & shoes for an impoverished child - $ 150 (set of books $85/Uniform and shoes - $65)
  • School Uniforms - $35 ea
  • School & Tennis shoes - $25 ea
  • Dry Erase markers and erasers (Blue, red and black)
  • Student desks - $35/each
  • A teacher’s salary to teach underprivileged kids for one year at the Jungle School - $ 375/month 
  • 1 English & Computer teacher - $375/each/monthly
  • Food donations or funds to feed children daily
  • Notebooks for each child per year - $1500
  • All kinds of school supplies

School Items

  • Children's size and regular scissors
  • Black, blue and red pens
  • Art and craft materials, all kinds, including coloring books
  • Flash cards – math, English
  • Erasers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, glue sticks,
  • Dry Erase markers - wide tip, black, blue & red
  • Dry Erasers
  • Voltage regulators (UPS) and surge protectors for computers
  • PCs, monitors, computer speakers and laptops, flash drives, extension cords
  • small laptop notebooks - $300/each
  • CD Players 

Hogar de Amor needs:


  • Household Supplies:
  • Extra large Cooking Pots
  • Kitchenware – flatware, baking pans, plastic dishes, cups, soup bowls and glasses
  • Extra large bath towels
  • Pillows and twin bed sheets (cotton only)
  • Good quality rechargeable flashlights
  • Hand soap, deodorants for boys and girls, razors, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner - always needed
  • LOTS of children’s’ vitamins & Adult vitamins for school mothers
  • OTC children’s’ medicines – cough, fever, colds, sore throat, diarrhea, etc
  • batteries – D, C, AAA, 9v, lg square 6v
  • Rubbermaid storage bins, all sizes

Clothing: Ages 6-16

  • Black school shoes and white socks – boys/girls, all sizes
  • White, short sleeve, button down shirts – boys/girls, all sizes
  • Navy blue school skirts and pants, all sizes
  • New and good quality used clothing and shoes (tennis, flip flop, girls sandals, etc) – boys/girls, all sizes to include shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, jeans, skirts, bathing suits, pajamas
  • Light sweaters and jackets for the winter months
  • Childrens tennis and sandals, all sizes, ages 8-16
  • Bras up to 36B for older girls (training bras - 28, 32 & 34) Regular sizes - 32A, 34A, 34B, 36B
  • Flip flops all sizes


  • Basketballs, tetherball sets, large rubber balls, Frisbees, soccer balls, pumps for balls
  • Legos, puzzles, Lincoln Logs, dollhouses, dolls and doll clothing, puppets, cars, trucks, jacks
  • Games – cards, Board games - the kids love these!
  • Handheld Computer games (Spanish where possible)
  • balloons, glow stix, bubbles, party supplies
  • Toys for babies 2 -3 years old


  • $1235/monthly for 24/hr guard salary
  • $250 provides for the care of a child for a month in the Hogar de Amor
  • $75 provides food for a day at the Hogar
  • $600 provides food for a week at the Hogar
  • $2550 provides food for a month at the Hogar
  • $375 provides a house mother for a month at the Hogar
  • $5-10 provides a new outfit for the children in the Hogar - (second hand store)
  • $1,200. Yearly Dental exams and basic fillings treatment for 23 children.
  • $3000/year - Medical costs

Outings for 23 children

  • Movies - $67 for 20 children
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken - $ 63 to feed 23 children
  • Trip and lunch to Porvenir Beach - $91
  • Helen Beach and Pool - $ 150