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About Hogar de Amor Children's Home

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ogar de Amor or Home of Love, is a children’s home (orphanage) located in La Ceiba, Honduras. At any given time we have over 23 children in our care, many of which have experienced traumatic physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or were simply abandoned prior to being welcomed into our care. It is a 24/7 labor of love and faith. Through encouragement, counseling, education, and prayer we are able to help these children grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive adults. Children attend church three times per week.  Each child also attends our free private school, the Jungle School or now attends high school.

Your child will be happy knowing they have a sponsor who cares about them and their future. Translation of letters or Skype calls are available if you want to contact your sponsored child. You will also receive our quarterly newsletter which keeps sponsors up to date on our programs and what is happening in the lives of many of the children.  Children in the Hogar de Amor children’s home will also write you an email once or twice each year.



Our Story

We began construction of our new Hogar de Amor (Home of Love) Children´s Home in 2010 to get them out of the cramped 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that they were previously living in. Gangs forced us out of our old Hogar home that was 45 minutes out of town.

We finally moved into our new Hogar on Febraury 23, 2013! This new Hogar is a new and permanent home for the children and for generations of children to come.
The new Hogar de Amor is an enormous blessing, and we are very thankful to our generous Partners for making this possible for our beautiful children.

Helping Honduras Kid’s mission is to improve the life of orphaned, abandoned, abused and/or neglected children who otherwise would be in government institutions. As we receive no government funding, we are in great need of sponsors and Partners to support these children.   In Latin America a sponsor is called a padrino or madrina (godfather or godmother).

It is very rewarding to sponsor a child and to know that you have been able to make a difference in helping provide for their basic needs and improve their educational opportunities. Visit our Sponsor a Child page to choose the child you and your family would like to sponsor.

HHK also welcomes you to visit Honduras and personally meet the child you are sponsoring.  Volunteers are also needed for extended visits. 

Images from the Hogar de Amor Orphanage




Helping Honduras Kids is a 501c3 organization headquartered in the USA, and as such your donations may be tax deductible. You will immediately receive a receipt by email for tax purposes. Because we do not receive government funding, we rely totally on individuals to sponsor a child for $39 per month or make donations toward specific projects. Volunteers are also needed. Sponsorship is often a rewarding experience for both sponsor and child. The needy children in our care will enjoy sharing letters, pictures, and talking by Skype, it’s all up to you and what you would like. You do not need to speak Spanish as we can provide translation assistance. Please take a moment to review the photos and profiles and give the gift of hope by sponsoring one of these beautiful children. We have additional children in need of sponsorship in our Jungle School (very poor and often malnourished children), Grandma’s kids (poor children without parents), or those who have graduated from the Jungle School and now need money and encouragement to attend and complete high school. Thank you and God Bless, Dr. David Ashby, Founder, Helping Honduras Kids