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Medical & Travel Insurance

Emergency Medical Insurance

HHK requires that all volunteers come with an emergency medical insurance policy plan. It is important before you come that you have a policy in place. Pay your premiums and be sure you have enough money available to cover the deductible amount. Most domestic insurance plans do not cover foreign travel, so check with your plan administrator to verify your coverage.

Honduras Hospitals/Air Care

Please note that none of the hospitals in Honduras will file a claim for you! You must have the resources to pay up front and then file for reimbursement with your insurance company. You must be sure that your company covers emergency airfare to a hospital in an extreme emergency. An airfare flight can cost thousands. Obviously, you can't carry thousands of dollars with you, but you must be able to reimburse the amount promptly.

Travel medical insurance

Travel insurance covers health needs while traveling or living temporarily in another country. Most often your home-based health insurance does not cover foreign or international travel, however some may, so check your policy carefully or talk to a policy administrator. If not, then you need to purchase insurance. A well-known company is Seven Corners, Inc. based in the USA. https://www.sevencorners.com If you live outside the USA, consult with your native country's travel insurance companies and purchase coverage that covers Honduras in medical emergencies.

International travelers are now able to obtain free, no obligation, online quotations. You can then purchase coverage immediately through SC's secure server and receive a Virtual ID Card immediately.

Please arrange your own health insurance in advance. We will ask for the details of your health insurance that includes emergency airfare flight coverage before your arrival in Honduras.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, usually offered by the travel or ticketing agent, covers you if your trip is interrupted by health reasons that result in a cancellation of your trip. It may recover losses due to non-refundable tickets, etc.  An acceptable foreign travel insurance can be found at www.sevencorners.com/insurance plans   If a volunteer arrives without insurance, HHK is not liable for any medical bills, accidents, lost luggage, flight cancellations, etc. that occur while a volunteer has a placement with HHK.


Make sure you are up to date on all childhood immunizations. Discuss what immunizations are necessary with your doctor/health provider BEFORE traveling to Honduras. Citizens from some countries must have certain vaccinations before entering Honduras.