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Housing & Accommodations

Most volunteers fly into San Pedro Sula and then take a transfer flight or bus to La Ceiba to get to the Hogar Children's Home. La Ceiba is 190 km from San Pedro Sula. A few highlights are the Jungle Rivers of the Pico Bonito National Forest and the sun and sand of the Caribbean are only 15 minutes away. La Ceiba has an airport, a bus station and more taxis than anyone can count! It also has Internet cafes, restaurants and fast-foods, ATM machines, a mall, and good medical care. 
Please contact us for more information on housing and hostel options at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Local Transportation

Taxis cost L. 25 (slightly more than $1.50) to get around town.  Traveling by local buses is not recommended for safety reasons.

A taxi from the airport  to town will be about $15.00 per person.

San Pedro Sula considerations

Plan to land in San Pedro Sula at mid-day even if your flight will cost a little more. You will still have time to catch another short flight to La Ceiba or take the Hedman Alas bus. It arrives in La Ceiba around 6:30pm nightly except for holidays. The buses do not run on Honduran holidays so please check with us before making your reservations. If you must stay overnight in San Pedro Sula before coming to La Ceiba the next day, please make ALL arrangements from the USA or your native country before your arrival. You cannot stay in the San Pedro Sula airport overnight.

Arriving at La Ceiba by bus or flight

By landing in San Pedro Sula at mid-day, you can easily connect at the airport to the local airlines or buses that will take you to La Ceiba by late afternoon. It is difficult to have someone available to meet you if you arrive in La Ceiba after 8pm.  We recommend you use the Hedman Alas busline, the safest and nicest busline in Honduras.  You can buy a bus ticket in the San Pedro Sula airport when you arrive. There is always a bus that leaves early afternoon.Check bus schedules and prices online at https://www.hedmanalas.com.We also recommend SOSA Airlines if you decide to fly to La Ceiba. See their schedules and rates at: https://als.aerocrs.net/en

Where exactly is the Hogar and the Jungle School?
The Hogar is located about 8 miles outside of the city of La Ceiba and very close to the airport. The Jungle School is located in the opposite direction and is about 20 minutes up a dirt road along the Cangrejal River. 

The Hogar kids would love to see you!