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Event/Meeting Room at Jungle School Campaign

Cost $ 25,000.00
We are building an Event/Meeting Center at the Jungle School. We have run out of room for all the children and staff in the ball court. This center will be used to hold all the holiday events, special training events, parent's meetings and much more for the school. We also use it for special community events. Please help us finish the construction of the Center. We are fundraising for $25,000 to finish this project. It is just not physically possible to put 240 children and 14 teachers into the ball court where we currently meet. The new meeting area is at a critical stage where it is necessary to complete the rebar and cement work on beams and columns in order to make the structure stable. We thank you in advance for helping us! We would love to complete this project by the end of this year, 2018.
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Cost $ 25,000.00
Needed $ 25,000.00
Funded $ 0.00
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